There is no scientific reason behind everything that happens in the world. Why do the weather change, why rainbow is formed, why is the color of the leaves green? Do not even know what to do But there are some questions in the world where even all the knowledge of the scientists becomes useless. Some interesting views are found in Ajmer Sharif Dargah where a stone floating in the air for years.

Have been standing over the years without any support ground

Floating Stone In Ajmer

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Even if you hear this, it sounds like a listener. But let us tell you that this is not a joke but it is absolutely true. If you are not sure, you will find a stone floating in the air near a rock at just a few steps from Dargah Sharif located in Ajmer. Let us tell you that the particular point of this stone is that this stone has been standing for 2 years without any support ground. Many scientists came here and did many research on this stone, but every time they failed to take cover from this secret.

This is the recognition behind this Floating Stone In Ajmer

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There is a mythological story about this stone, it is said that Khwaja Ji had once saved the fury from this stone. Actually, once a complaint came to Khwaja Ji, in so many days he saw that a stone was moving towards him. Seeing that the stone was coming closer to him, the senses of that furor went away. But he remembered Khwaja ji with a true heart at the same time. Only then did it stop in the air instead of falling on the stone. And from all the stone floats in it till date.

Floating Stone In Ajmer

It is said that once whatever occurs at the rate of Khawaja. Whatever religion it will be, it needs to come back once more. Not only this, but you will also find an unmatched combination of Iranian and Indian architecture here. Among all these people come here from far away to see this floating stone.

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