Fire On Tents On The Of Hanuvantia, Large Accident Case, Order Of Inquiry

Fire On Tents On The Of Hanuvantia

A big accident took place on the night of Hanuwantia, which was developed as a water tourism center in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Fire On Tents On The Of Hanuvantia The fire was set on fire by the five tents made for the tourists. During the incident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, his wife and many other prominent people were also present on this island. Chauhan has ordered an inquiry. The State Tourism Development Corporation has developed the Hanuwantia Island as a water tourism center.

Fire On Tents On The Of Hanuvantia

Here the water festival started from last year. This time the Jal Mahotsav inaugurated on Sunday evening. A fire broke out in a tent of nightclothes on Sunday night, which also took other tents in its grip. Superintendent of Police Navneet Bhasin said on Monday that after the fire, the relief and rescue teams, besides the Fire Department, were also formed, which prevented the fire from within a short period of time.

Although no casualty has happened in this incident. Upon getting the information of the incident, Chief Minister Chauhan walk out of his cottage. With other people and approached the scene and took stock of the situation. They ordered the investigation of the whole case. Chauhan had come here with his Dharmapati Sadhna Singh.

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Sources say that some tents reserved by the tourists and their luggage kept there. At the time of the accident there was nobody inside the tent. Relief and rescue teams took out safely in the tent.
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