Sometimes the experience of feeling constant fatigue happens to everyone. After resting or sleeping, tiredness also goes away. But when fatigue persists all the time and the effects of lethargy fall on the mental, physical and social level, it can be a sign of a serious disease. So let’s know about it …

Why Are YOu Feeling Constant Fatigue…


feeling constant fatigue
Iron deficiency anemia can also always be inadequate. Generally women lack iron due to periods, pregnancy or breeding. In it, the color of the skin starts falling yellow, irritability and lethargy, the sugar level also decreases. Although sugar levels also decrease in diabetes. In both anemia and diabetes, symptoms like fatigue and well-being are seen.

Take these tests- Apply the hemogrames, which may include tests such as hemoglobin test, blood count, peat-INR, AVT-PTTB, ABO RH, serum iron, iron binding capacitance.

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Liver problem

feeling constant fatigue
Due to persistent feeling constant fatigue, the liver may have an effect. Hepatitis-C may be feared if there is a history of blood transfusion, cocaine or drug taking. In this case, the patient may have symptoms such as mild fever, lack of appetite, body ache or flu.
Do these tests- Besides the Liver Function Test, do a blood test for Hepatitis-C.

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feeling constant fatigue
In middle age, the problem of low-thyroid is especially high. The thyroid gland creates hormones such as T4 and T3, and this process slow down in mid-edge. Since other processes also get slower, therefore, at this age, problems like weight gain, constipation, skin rigidity and hair loss occur.