Family reached in the jail to meet Ram Rahim

Gurmit Ram Rahim, who was serving 20 years of imprisonment in Sunaria Jail in Rohtak of Haryana, his wife Harjeet Kaur reached in jail for the first time. Family reached in the jail to meet Ram Rahim. Seeing the wife, Gurmeet Ram Rahim started crying. During this time, Ram Rahim’s son Jasmeet, his wife Husnpreet, daughter Stephanith, son-in-law Ruham-e-Mit were also together. These meetings lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. Diwali sweets and clothes brought home …

Family reached in the jail to meet Ram Rahim

  • On Monday afternoon at 3:15 p.m, a convoy of four cars reached to Ram Rahim’s . They were questioned on the signal too. The family of Gurmeet to pay for the clothes, canteen expenses and sweets of Diwali. On Thursday, they will come again to meet him again. This time Maa Naseeb Kaur can also be.

Firstly, The Wife Of Gurmeet

  • The experts said that in the Net inside the jail, the family of Gurmeet’s were met. At first Garmit’s wife Harjeet Kaur went to meet Gurmeet became emotional after seeing him After this he met a member of the house. During the conversation, he also asked about the dera.

Family also came to meet on October 9

  • Family reached in the prison on October 9 for meeting Ram Rahim’s. On that day, his family was in jail for about 80 minutes.
    During that time, Ram Rahim’s mother Naseeb Kaur, son Jasmeet, daughter Amarpreet and son-in-law Shan-e-Mile were present.
  • Ram Rahim first came to meet his mother Naseeb Kaur after going to jail.

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Every time food and drink items are taken
– Ram Rahim’s family carries a large quantity of food and drink items every time.
– Fruit, dry fruit, Ram Rahim clothes and the second item of food are taken every time in the polythene bag.

Wish to meet 10 people wish

  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim has given the jail administration to meet Nisib Kaur, son Jasmeet Singh, daughter Charanpreet, Amarpreet and Hanipreet, Bahu Hussnpreet, son-in-law Shan-e-Mait and Ruah-e-Mitt, Dera Management Officer Vipassana and Dan Singh. Had expressed the desire.
  • So far except Vipassana, Honeypreet and Dan Singh have got everything else.

Ram Rahim is serving a 20-year sentence
– In two rape cases, Ram Rahim was sentenced to 10-10 years by the special CBI court on August 28. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on Ram Rahim. There is a penalty of 15 to 15 lakhs for two rape cases. Of these 14-14 lakh rupees will be give in the form of damages to the Rape Victim Sadhvi.

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38 people died after violence
– On August 25, the CBI court had convicted Dera Chief in Panchkula for two rape cases. As soon as the Dera chief convicted by the court, his supporters burnt. They had demolition and arson in Panchkula, Sirsa, Kaithal, Fatehabad and Panipat. 38 people died in the incident. 264  injured. After violence, the police had arrested 926 people.
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