F1 To F12, What Is The Utilization Of These Keys learn here In this post we are going to tell you about the functions of the computer keyboard's F Keys.

Office or home, users must use computers for e-mails or any personal work. Many people also do different types of courses for computer learning. It is obvious that you would have known almost everything about computers. In any case, do you realize that what is the utilization of F Keys given in the PC console? F1 To F12, What Is The Utilization Of These Keys? If you do not know about them then we help you in this.

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F1 To F12, What Is The Utilization Of These Keys, Learn Here:

F1: Whenever you are working in a program and you need any help in it, you can press this key. This will open the Help window on your screen.

F2: If you want to rename a file or folder, select it and press F2 Key. Doing this will allow you to rename files or folders.

F3: This key can be used to open a search in any app.

F4: Press Alt + F4 Key if you want to close a window.

F5: This key comes in to refresh any window or program.

F6: Press the key if you want to move the cursor over the address bar of the internet browser.

F7: If you are working on MS Word and want to use the spell check and grammar check feature then this key will work for you.

F8: If you want to go to the boot menu while you turn on the computer, press this key.

F9: Refreshing the MS Word document and the key for the “Send and Receives” option of email in Microsoft Outlook.

F10: This key comes in if you want to open the menu bar in an app.

F11: This key can be used to make the browser come full screen or out of it.

F12: If you are working on MS Word, press the key to open Save as dialog box.
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