North Korea has given America the biggest and most dangerous threat among the ongoing tensions with the United States. North Korea’s Foreign Minister threatens to drop hydrogen bombs on the US North Korean Foreign Minister Rei Yong Ho has said in a statement that North Korea will destroy the entire United States.They said They will drop hydrogen bombs on US

They Can Drop Hydrogen Bombs

drop hydrogen bombs

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He also said that North Korea will drop hydrogen bombs on the US. It is known that North Korea recently tested hydrogen bomb on September 3. Rei Ho Ho, using a hate speech against Donald Trump, called him a dog . He said that we are not afraid of barking dogs. This is known that Donald Trump had said in the United States that the United States would completely ruin North Korea. It is clear that recently Trump said while addressing the UN General Assembly that if North Korea do not believe then it will completely destroy it.

drop hydrogen bombs

Kim Jong told Trump to Mental Bankruptcy and Gangster:
North Korean dictator Kim Jong has called American President Donald Trump a mental bankruptcy and gangster. Along with this, Kim Jong said that Trump told to pay a lot of things in lieu of these threats.

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Also, Kim Jong described Trump as a fugitive gangster to play with a rogue and fire, and said that Trump is ineligible to handle America’s top post. The statement issued by North Korea’s official Central News Agency said that Trump’s statement has convinced that the way North Korea chose it is right and that the last time it is to walk on this path . Kim said that Trump has to pay a heavy price in lieu of his statement which destroyed North Korea.


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