Diesel Generators Ban In Delhi

Before Diwali, air quality has reached dangerous levels in Delhi. In view of this, the Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Authority has banned all the diesel-powered generators in the national capital. Diesel Generators Ban In Delhi. However, the metro and hospitals have been exempted from this restriction. Apart from this, parking charges may also increase. EPCA chairman Bhure Lal and member Sunita Narayan announced on Tuesday the decision of Ban on diesel generators. He said that considering the air pollution, Badarpur Thermal Power Plant has also closed.

Diesel Generators Ban In Delhi

According to EPCA, air quality has entered the red zone in Delhi. In view of this, parking charges may increase up to 4x in the coming days. Here, for the purpose of reducing noise pollution in the ISBT of Delhi, officials have decided to impose a fine on the conductor who called the passengers by blowing horns and sounding drivers inside the bus terminal. According to official decision, it has  decided to impose a penalty of 500 rupees against the players playing horn inside the ISBT campus.

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Apart from this, provision has also made to impose a penalty of 100 rupees against the conductors and roadways employees calling the passengers. The Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation, which oversees Interstate bus terminals in the national capital, has issued this directive.
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