Dark Circles Under Eyes

For the stress of work, not getting complete sleep, and many other reasons,Dark Circles Under Eyes, fall under our eyes. Which seem like a dull on the color and face of our faces, but now you do not have to worry, we will bring you some easy solutions to overcome these dark circles. Let’s know about these remedies ….

Why Dark Circles Under Eyes

Take full sleep

Dark Circles Under Eyes

The biggest reason for having a dark circle under the eyes is that we do not have complete sleep. According to the doctor, the person should take at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. It is very necessary to take full sleep to get rid of the Dark Circle.

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Healthy Food

Due to the lack of vitamins in the body, dark circles become under the eyes. So it is necessary to take your Healthy Diet to keep yourself right. To reduce the dark circle, eat foods that are rich in vitamins. Especially in that food contain vitamin C and vitamin K. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Ice and cucumber

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Put ice slice and cucumber on the eyes. This reduces inflammation under the eyes and also dark circles. By doing so, the fatigue of the eyes is removed and the eyes get cold.

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Lemon and Tomatoes

Take equal quantity of tomato and lemon juice and add 1 spoonful of gram flour in it. Carefully bring this paste to the dark circle under the eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. After that wash the face. After a few days you will see the difference.

Honey and Almond oil

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Mix one spoon of almond oil into 1 teaspoon honey and bring it to the Dark Circles Under Eyes and sleep  Wake up in the morning and wash the face. Further, the dark circles will fall lightly.