The problem of hair such as their texture is thin, dark, prematurely white or breakdown, Russian and papilization etc. are signs of unhealthy scalp.You should know about Home Tips To get Rid Of Dandruff Scalp And Hair Loss. Do you have any of these problems? If so, first identify your scalp. Home remedies are also effective, if you want, it can also be done. Mix 1 big spoon olive oil in a cup of coconut milk and apply it in the hair joints. Wash the hair after herbal shampoo after three minutes. You can also try options like hair mood and styling.

Get Rid Of Dandruff Scalp

If you do not want to apply the oil, hair can also massage hair. Nowadays, according to the Scalp type, hair tonics are found in the market, which can not be felt after chip stick.
When the hair is wet, do not comb the comb and never bend the wet hair. This moisture will be assembled in one place and will close the scallops. It will be expected to cause bacterial and fungal infections.

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Mix two spoons of groundnut, one lemon juice, 5 spoons of curd in two cups of water and rub the head with a half slurry and wash it with water. Squeeze the hair again with clean slurry and wash it with water and clean it. Washing like this will make the hair clear that washing with shampoo will be forgotten.


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