This Country Adopting Gurukul Education System

While on the one hand there are different things about the nature of education in the world, then Finland has moved one step further. This Country Adopting Gurukul Education System. There will no longer be homework in schools or there will be no children’s exams.  In our country, even during the times of Gurukul tradition, classes were seen in the open.

Why This Country Adopting Gurukul Education System

The modern education system adopted by the country of Northern Europe accepted as a nazir in the whole world. Here the children have no tradition of giving homework in schools, nor the children’s examinations organized. Starting from the age of seven, children start enrolling in schools. Higher school hours and holidays are being given more. It is believed that children should be educated only in sports. There will be no mental stress on them. In the same way, as mentioned earlier in the Indian Gurukul education system.

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The Most Successful Model Of Education Here

This education model of Finland termed the most successful in the whole world. The special thing is that even today, continuous improvement in education continues. The schools here have implement the scheme to provide open education under open plans by eliminating classroom culture. Under this, the old classrooms transformed into multi-model space. These multi-model rooms are divide into glass walls and walls can move from one place to another. Here the study goes on theme based projects in place of conventional topics. For this, sofasets and mattresses present in classrooms instead of desk and bench.

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Instead Of Books, Schools Move Closer To Nature

According to FCG firm firm in Finland, the tradition of keeping students in the realm of class from study is no more. This increases the mental level of the children. This system develops the ability to fulfill responsibility of in children and they are able to set their goals in a determined manner. Here, instead of limiting to the books, students are closer to nature according to Indian Gurukul method. They also visit in museums.
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