Straddling Bus

You will be shocked after reading about this Tremendous Bus which can drive over the traffic.



Everybody wants to avoid an extraordinary jam to save their invaluable time.

A Beijing company has unveiled especially futuristic designs for a pollution-eliminating, this tremendous bus capable of gliding over the horrible jams for which China has become popular.

Passengers Carry; This tremendous bus can carry upto 1400 passengers, by which a large amount of passengers can save their priceless time.

Dimension (approx)– 60 meters long and 8 meters wide.

Speed- Upto 60 KM (37 Miles) Per Hour.

Massive Advantage; This amazing bus can save lots of road space and it is far reasonable as compare to subway train system and requires comparatively less construction or maintenance cost and one more biggest advantage of this amazing  bus is its short construction life cycle; only 1 year to build 40 km.

Size- It can replace about 40 traditional buses.

Technology Used- This Straddling Bus is fully powered by Electricity and Solar Energy which will reduce a huge amount pollution.

Very soon this amazing as well as pollution free bus will run on the roads of China.