Breast Cancer

Today’s so common diseases is the Breast Cancer in Women and we are discussing some Breast Cancer facts that you should have to know.

1. in the U.S, A woman dies from breast cancer in every 13 minutes.
2. In the U.S, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
3. Breast Cancer kills 450 men in the U.S every year.

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4. After Angelina Jolie‘s Breast cancer announcement, the number of women being tested in its first few months was double.
5. Exercise, like walking, can reduce breast cancer risk by 25%.
6. There is a US$1000 sports bra which uses heat sensors to detect signs of breast cancer up to 6 years earlier than a mammogram can.
7. Breast cancer is one of the most survivable types of cancers over a five year period.
8. A cooling cap can prevent breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy from losing their hair.
9. 30% of all cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancers.
10. A woman’s risk of breast cancer approximately doubles if she has a first degree relative mother, sister or daughter who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
11. 85% people survive breast cancer beyond 5 years.
12. Pigeons can be trained to detect breast cancer in mammogram scans.

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