Both The Ladies Wanna Be the first lady

US President Donald Trump, surrounded by various serious issues related to the country and the world, is caught in a new trouble. Both The Ladies Wanna Be the first lady This time the Mahabharata has started in the White House. In fact, Trump’s ex-wife, Evanna , recently described herself as a ‘First lady’. Trump’s current wife Melania has not come to this point.

Both The Ladies Wanna Be the first lady

On the occasion of the release of his book ‘Raising Trump’, Trump’s ex-wife Evanna left the new Shigupha. He expressed his desire that his daughter, Ianka, also contested presidential elections in the future. It was also said that people identified them as First Mother rather than First Ladies.

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Not only that, Evanna had said in a funny way in a TV show, “I am Trump’s first wife, so I am the first lady.” I have the White House’s director number. I can call it anytime, but I do not do it because there is Melania. I do not want any kind of irritation in the minds of the melanians.

Now the counterpart of the current wife

Melania responded Benzay Serlin wrote in a tweet – Evanna is telling herself the first lady to draw attention of everyone, while President Donald Trump has given Melania this honor.

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Further in the tweet, Melania lives in Washington and she is proud to become First Lady. They use this title with great respect and they have their role in the upbringing of the children, and they sell books like others. Evanna has written that she should not make statements like telling herself the first lady.

You know, Trump has done three marriages and Melania is her third wife. Melania lives in the White House. Evanna and Trump married in 1977. Then the image of Trump was a business tycoon. Both were divorced in 1992.

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