Blowing Candles Can Harm Health – Today Indians

Blowing Candles Can Harm Health – Today Indians

Cutting the cake and Blowing the candle on a birthday is a long tradition, but to Blow the burning candles it can be very heavy on your health. Recently researchers have disclosed that the exposure to these candles increases the risk of infection.

Let’s say that this popular tradition of Blowing candles on cake has increased by 1400 per cent compared to earlier. Researchers from the Clemson University of America investigated how the bacteria affect the human body, from the candles on the cake.

Blowing Candles Can Harm Health
Birthday Cake

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The study found that bacteria cause exists Arosol breath of humans are involved in the cake. The researchers said that before cutting the cake at birthday start how tradition started candles extinguish it caused different opinion about it.

The practice of Blowing a candle on cake was first introduced in Greece. And they were Artimis Devi temple by putting candles on the cake. They believed that his prayer would reach God to him with smoke.

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