Big Boss 11 Winner

Big Boss 11 Winner – TodayIndians |

Big Boss 11 Winner – TodayIndians |

The house of Big Boss is a matter of discussion in the houses of the country these days. The look of the audience on every thing is the luxury budget of the house or the drawers of captains. There have been speculations about the winner of the show too.

Shilpa Shinde looks like Winner in the limelight from some of the audience. So there are some people who develop and include Hina Khan in this race too. Recently, an EX Big Boss Contestant said this about her opinion.

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Contestant From Big Boss Season 9, Priya said, “Shilpa and Vikas are showing themselves in the Big Boss house as they are in real life. Along with this they also shown both of their good and bad behavior to the audience.

Now according to Priya Malik, Shilpa Shinde can become a winner of this show. Together, Vikas Gupta also looks strong.

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