The 11th season of the TV reality show ‘Big Boss‘ is about to start soon. But the way the news is coming up, it is clear that this time the ‘Big Boss’ will get a lot of new look and fun will also be fun. The talk of ‘Big Boss 11’ is going on, but this time the suspense is still on the contests involved. Who is the Big Boss 11 Contestant Number 11.

Turkish author will appear in Big Boss 11

People are quite nervous to know what is happening in the ‘Big Boss 11’ this time. Increasing this discomfort, ‘Big Boss‘ shared his first contestant’s look with his official Twitter account. There is only one photo of a tweet commentator, in which only her eyes are visible.

Big Boss 11 Contestant Number 11

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However, sponsors of the ‘Big Boss‘ show have not told this Contestant. But after seeing the photo some people have convinced that this is the Turkish writer Batul Aldone. At the same time, some people are saying to the contests the foreign model Halima Ma’laub. Let me tell you that another poster has just released from Big Boss. In which the other contestant has also kept his face hidden. People are assuming Harsh Beniwal as the second contestant.

Big Boss 11 Contestant Number 11
Big Boss 11 Contestant Number 11

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Big Boss 11‘ is going to start from October 1. Salman will host Bigg Boss 11 only. For this, Salman Khan and Moni Roy also shot the show’s teaser. Let us tell you that in this year Big Boss 11 will be seen not one, but two home. A home village will be on the lines, the second house will be on the luxury life of the city. Contestant will be as much as a tokens for a luxury house.

The show will be telecast colors from Monday to Friday at 10-11 pm. Let me tell you that this time a lot of changes have been made in the concept of the show, which is expected that this time people will be very fond of show. By the way, the ‘Big Boss 11’ has stirred anxiety among people by sharing the photo of Turkish author or foreign model.


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