If you have not yet linked to your bank account with Aadhar, do it sooner or else your problems may increase after December 31, 2017. Bank Accounts Can Be Link From The Aadhar.

After this your account can be temporarily closed. In such a situation, money may be deposited in your account, but you can not withdraw it. In such a situation, if messages are coming from the bank on the basis of your account from the bank, then do not ignore it completely.

Bank Accounts Can Be Link From The Aadhar Before December 31

Transactions May Take Place

It is significant that according to the notification issued by the government on June 1, 2017. It is compulsory to link bank accounts to the 31 December 2017 Aadhar. If you do not do this then your account will be temporarily closed. By not linking the account from the Aadhar, you will not be able to make any financial transactions after a certain date. If you have a salaried account then it will be credited to the money but you will not be able to withdraw it. In such a case, if you have not yet linked your account from the Aadhar, then do it soon.

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Do Such Links

If you do not use internet banking, you will have to do this by visiting your bank branch. And if you do online banking you can link the account on the basis of the given options on the internet. We can also tell that you can link the account to the Aadhar of mobile. After you dial * 99 * 99 * 1 #, type your Aadhar number. Check the numbers correctly and send them. OTP will come on your mobile in a little while.

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