Astrology revels personality

Astrology revels personality of women.If a woman’s lips are thin, then their relationship is long; the woman on the other side is lucky and lucky to win the love. The women whose chin is bigger is clever and deceitful.

How Astrology Revels Personality

The woman with long and thin arms is considered to give happiness. On the other hand, small arms are considered to be a symptom of misery.If a woman’s navel is deep inside and right on the depth, then these women are considered to be very fortunate and happy.

Astrology revels personality

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  • Those whose eyes are brown, they are quite smart. Trusting these women is not considered right. If the feet of the feet are soft then these women are happy to enjoy. If the feet are torn, they are painful.

Astrology revels personality

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  • If the waist is thin then fortunate and crooked, ravenous, younger, then these women are troublesome. The women whose eyelids are tilted down are extremely fortunate. These women take their family together and move forward towards development.If the ear or neck is beauty spot, then the first child of these women is a son.