Another toilet story

The dreadful modern era is going on. All work has started coming from the machines. The world is dreaming to settle down on the moon today. But we are not able to resist the use of the fields. Another toilet story In a village of Meenpur block of bihar state.

Another Toilet Story

In the 21st century India, the Indian government is openly campaigning against defecation. To warn of this problem, the Bollywood film ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha‘ also came in the way. But in the open, people’s thinking against defecation is not coming from the speed of earthworms crawling.

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According to the media reports, a woman in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, dragged her father-in-law and Brother-in-law into the police station due to lack of toilets in the house. In a village of Meenpur block, it is said to be the in-laws of a woman.

Due to lack of toilet, the woman left her in-laws

Another toilet story

Due to lack of toilet, the woman left her in-laws and started living in her maternal house. The woman’s husband works in Tamil Nadu. For the number of days her husband comes, the woman goes to her house for a long time and then turns to her maternal house.

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After all, the woman did not see the toilets in the house, the woman filed a complaint in the police station, on this, her in-laws demanded some time to arrange the money from the police.

But in the days of today’s Internet, a woman is struggling to make a toilet in the house, she looks filmmaker, but it seems to be a sign of a fierce backward mindset.
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