American transgender man gave birth

A gay couple living in Portland, American transgender man gave birth to a baby. For the last several months, due to its pregnancy, it was constantly in the headlines. Transgender male Tristan Reese American transgender man gave birth to this child in the past. He is getting a lot of greetings on social media too. Tristan Reese is a transgender. That is, they made their gender changes and became a man from the male.

American transgender man gave birth

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During this process, she was pregnant once, but she had become mischarged. In order to avoid such an accident, he had put a stop to the process of transformation of his gender. Tristan Reese says that raising a child is not easy task, and for a gay couple this work becomes even more difficult. He told that his partner, Biff Chapel, was helping him in this work.

Tristan and Biff were sharing the whole journey of this scandal with the help of a blog on social media with the people. At the same time, he also educated people about the whole process and problems of being a transgender’s cognac.

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Please tell that this is the third child of this couple. Earlier this Tristan and Beef had adopted two children in 2015. Both of these children are Chapel’s nephew-niece.