America is seeking for India help

US Defense Secretary James Matisse has once again sought military support from India for Afghanistan on his first visit to India. Let us tell you that this kind of demand has arisen from the US for the first time. America is seeking for India help in this matter but India is refusing. Indeed, US President Donald Trump had sought cooperation from India while applying his new Afghan policy.

America is seeking for India help in this matter

US President Donald Trump had said that India should send its army to Afghanistan. However, Pakistan has had a lot of trouble with this replacement policy of the US and the plots of India given in it.

On the other hand, before taking this decision from India, it was said by Pakistan that it would not like any kind of presence of India in Afghanistan. However, India also dismissed Matisse’s appeal in clear words, saying that India will not send its forces to Afghanistan.

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During this meeting with Mattis and India’s Defense Minister Nirmala Sita Raman, once again. This appeal has raised a huge question whether India should send its forces to Afghanistan or not. The Indian expert believes that much of India invest in Afghanistan. If it is not, its security will raise a big question.

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