India’s campaign to declare Pakistan as a terrorist country can now lead to possible action in the coming days. In the last few days, after the blasts of Pakistan on behalf of the American administration, now a senior US military officer emphasized that once again the Alliance with Pakistani intelligence agencies ISI has an alliance with terrorist organizations there. Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, President of the United Chief of Staff, told The Senate Armed Services Committee – it is clear that ISI has links with terrorist groups.

Alliance With Pakistani Intelligence

Alliance With Pakistani Intelligence

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At the same time, the Pakistani government and the intelligence agency in this area are kept under suspicion on this issue. US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse told the Senate Armed Services Committee that they should make another attempt to work with Pakistan in Afghanistan. If he fails then President Donald Trump can take tough steps against the terrorist groups in Islamabad.

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Matisse acknowledged that terrorism become a threat to the world. In such a way that together with India and the United States. It can resolve to work to eliminate this crisis. Explain that Trump has recently criticized Pakistan for announcing the US policy on Afghanistan. While describing Pakistan as an agent of lawlessness and protecting the terrorists.
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