The Central Home Ministry has instructed all states to remain alert on the occasion of Diwali. On the occasion of the festival, the Home Ministry has advised all states to be alert about terrorist incidents. All the states can terrorize. The Home Ministry has expressed the fear that some vandalism can try to spoil communal harmony on the occasion of festival. It is said in the instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs that efforts can be made to spread violence by terrorists. At all the crowded areas, railway stations, bus stations and religious places.

All The States Can Terrorize

all the states can terrorize

At the same time, the Home Ministry has also instructed to be cautious about terrorist incidents. The Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed that special deployment of additional police force should do at all the crowded places. In addition, the Home Ministry has asked all the states to maintain a special focus on religious places.

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In fact, according to information received by the ministry. Some mischievous elements can stir up a provocative sloganeering. At the religious place to annihilate the communal atmosphere on the occasion of the festival. However, officials say that there is no information about any special plans relate to terrorist incidents.
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