After 20 years the man Bathed for First Time – Today Indians

After 20 years the man Bathed for First Time – Today Indians

A 37-year-old man was not bathed for 20 years. Neither he was lazy, nor he was without home. Everyone is giving congratulations by seeing the pictures of this man. While sitting in the bathtub, the picture of this person has become a big news of social media. This man’s name is Charles Parkes. Whose weight was about 212 kg. Charles did not fit in his car or in clothes.

Life was cumbersome. They used to wear 8XL pants and could not stay even more confluent in it. But Charles got the real happiness of life when he sat in his favorite bathtub, after 20 years.

Charles wears 66 inch and 8XL pants

After 20 years the man Bathed for First Time

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Charles joined the “Slimming World” in the hope that he would be able to look a bit better, but Pask performed better than his expectations. In 15 months, they weighed about 90 kg and also weighed 28 inches. Charles, who weighed 66 inches and 8XL pants himself, changed himself so much that people refused to recognize.

The special thing is that they celebrate their success in Bath Tub rather than to celebrate this as party. Yes, according to Metro, Charles had not bathed for the last 20 years because he could not fit in his bathtub.

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