11 Baby Girls

We have only heard that an women gives a birth to 2 or maximum 3 babies. But an another shocking news is came out that in Indiana an 42-Year old women named as Hernandez Maria gives a birth to 11 baby girls. When Hernandez Maria was brought to the hospital for delivery , people were surprised to see Hernandez.

And the more shocking thing is that this women gives birth to 11 baby girls only in “17 Minutes.” Doctors are also surprised about the fact that all the girls are absolutely right.

Everybody from Hospital Staff to the people all around the world are saying that its an miracle. Women makes a world record after giving birth to 11 Baby Girls. Doctors were very surprised, most mainly say they were shocked, to have such a successful delivery without caesarian section.

Doctor said,

We could not stop the babies from coming out. They literally came out one after another. From the time the first baby came out, and the 11th baby was born, it was only 17 minutes.

People all around the world are giving best wishes to these parents.