You would have read in the books that there used to be many queens of kings, but in today’s time it was not possible to see such. But there is A king Who Has 60 Wives Today Time. Not only that, he goes to Myanmar daily to eat food and comes to India every day to sleep, without any flight. This King belongs to Longwa village of Nagaland.

A king Who Has 60 Wives Today Time Eats In Myanmar, Sleep In India

A king Who Has 60 Wives Today Time

The people of Konyak tribe live in this village. The name of the king of this tribe is the organ Nagong. There are 75 villages under this king. Half of Longwa village comes to Myanmar and half of it comes to India’s borders. The border of Myanmar and India passes through the middle of this king’s house. In such a situation, his family account is in account of Myanmar and for sleeping.

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Uses the Indian border. The king’s son is in the Myanmar Army. Due to the Indo-Myanmar border, the people here have technically got citizenship of both countries. Thusly, they needn’t bother with a visa to go to Myanmar and neither do the Indian travel permit nor the Indian identification. People here can freely travel in both countries.

A king Who Has 60 Wives Today Time

This tribe is considered quite hard. The people of this tribe are also known as Head Hunters. Earlier, these people used to kill people and carry his head together. Although there is no head hunting after the 1960s, but the skulls decorated in people’s homes can be seen.
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