6 Year Old Child Earns

It is said that the feet are seen only in the feet. If a person is talent in it, nobody can stop him from being successful in life. Some people take full lifespan in fulfilling their dreams and some people fulfill their dreams very quickly on their own talent.6 Year Old Child Earns Sitting At Home. Something like this is the 6 year old child. Even though at age, it is only 6 years old but has acquired a lot in such a small age. Good people are nothing ahead of this little child Made star.

6 Year Old Child Earns Sitting At Home

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This child’s name is Nihal Raj, who is a resident of Kochi. Nihal was helping in the kitchen with his mother a few years ago. During this time his father was making his video. Father made this video and shared it on his Facebook account. Which became very viral.

People suggested to Nihal’s father that they should put video of Nihal on YouTube. Nihal’s father decided to make a channel named ‘Kichatube‘ on YouTube. On this, Nihal’s video started to be uploaded. The YouTube channel of Nihal Raj was launched in January 2015. After that he became famous.

The World’s Most Youngest Chef

6 Year Old Child Earns Sitting At Home

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Those videos that teach special recipes to Nihal people through these videos are not just about the busiest housewives. This channel became quite popular and the commercial space and identity grew, on which, Nihal started earning millions of rupees every month. Nihal has received many awards for her cooking skills. She has also met Sanjeev Kapoor, the well-known chef of India.

Nihal also conferred with a recipe for Pittu in the American popular show ‘Allen de Janeres‘. Nihal’s cookery show contains such dishes that are very innovative. Nihal have passion for making quality detergent.
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