Bible Mentioned 100 Billion People Died: Christian theorists living in the discussion for their controversial and peculiar claims have again made sensational claims. This time, Christian Conspiracy Theorists say that there will be a disaster on earth, in which 100 million people will die in one stroke and this catastrophe will bring a virus. Germany’s research was added to the Bible …

Bible Mentioned 100 Billion People Died-

Actually, Christian theorists recently linked a virus research that came from Germany to the Bible. Hopkins University’s research has created potential scenarios for future virus attacks. This is called the stimulation. According to this stimulation, some unknown virus SARS (SARS) will act like a deadly virus and it will be difficult to stop them.

Such effect on humans

According to the stimulation, the symptoms of fever will first appear in humans. After this, strongly fever, cough and brain confusion will arise. People will suffer encephalitis some time after the confusion. This will bring swelling to his mind and then he will die after going into coma.

These will be in 20 months

After this, spreading rapidly for the next 20 months, the virus will have killed 15 million people and there will be no way to stop it. Even if the vaccine is not made to stop them, then about 90 million people will be in its grip.

Referring to this catastrophe in the Bible

Christian theorists considered this research as the basis and linked it to the Bible. According to them, this thing has been mentioned in chapter 21:11 of the Bible. It clearly states, “There will be burning fire, there will be famine and diseases will be devastated. There will be some such incidents in this era which will be beyond human imagination “.

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