Indian Boy Declares himself King

Indian Boy Declares himself King – Today Indians |

Indian Boy Declares himself King – Today Indians |

At the door of every house, young people write themselves as the king of the house- ‘My Home, My Rules’ But a boy from India made himself a country. You may even find a little weird in hearing. But, this is true. Suyash Dikshit, living in Indore, saw one place which falls between Egypt and Sudan in which no country has a proprietary right. There he has made his country and named it ‘Kingdom of Dikshit‘. Suyash has announced this thing on Facebook. Suyash has also flown the flag while declaring himself a king. Now he wants the UN to give recognition to this area.

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To reach here is the 319 kilometer Distance

While declaring himself a king on Facebook, Suyash said, “I have traveled 319 kilometers to reach here.” When I left Egypt, there were shoot and site orders. I barely came out of there and arrived here. There was no road to come here. This area is full of desert. There is no area of ​​900 square feet in any country.It can be comfortable here. I have put the seeds here to plant the plants and put water there.

His Father Is Prime Minister and Military Head

After making the announcement of ‘Kingdom of Dikshit‘, Suyash has made his father Prime Minister, President and Military Head. At the same time he made himself a king. Not only this, he has also created this country’s website ( He said, “Many posts are empty in my country. Anybody can uplift Whom they will consider.

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Here Know the special things he has told on his website –
* The country’s total population is just 1.
* The name of the capital of this country is Suyashpur.
* This country was established on 5th November 2017.
* Suyash has chosen the country’s national animal lizard. Because there only they have seen lizards.

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