If You Are Tall You May Be At Risk

If you are Tall you may be at risk of this disease linked to the blood clot. It is linked to the length of the disease and low risk people have a lower risk. The name of this disease is venous thromboembolism. These diseases are associated with blood clotting in the veins. According to Zollar, a University researcher from Sweden, as the number of people in the population is increasing, complaints of this disease are also coming.

If You Are Tall You May Be At Risk Of This Disease

Zollar says that the long veins of long people are also long and the problem arises due to more space. Apart from this, long-acting gravitational pressure works in the nerves of the legs and the flow of blood decreases. According to this study published in the journal Circle Circulation, Cardiovascular Genetic Team saw figures of 1.6 million Swedish men born between 1951 and 1992, and Swedish women who were pregnant between 1982 and 2012.

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Research has found that the person who was 6 feet or longer had an apprehension of this disease. 65 percent more than the person who was 5 feet or less. In the case of females, women with length of 5 feet or less compared to women having a height of 6 feet or more, feared the disease was negligible by 69 percent.
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