Change these 5 habits

If you are getting sick again and again, then this news is for you. Change these 5 habits There are some everyday habits that make you sick. People still think that the toilet bowl and floor are the worst place in the house.

Change These 5 Habits

But your attention has not gone on those things and related habits that are making you sick. Here are five things that should be stopped from happening to prevent illness. You need to change your habits immediately:

Mobile use in toilets

If you are using mobile in toilet, then this is the biggest mistake. By doing so you are playing a lot of fun with yourself and the people who use that mobile. Dr. Paul Mattevelle of London Metropolitan University says that the use of the phone can be dangerous in between the rest of the toilet to the hand wash. In toilet seats, faucets, handles and sinks, there are bacteria called E.coli which can cause serious problems related to urinary tract infection (UTI) and intestines. With this, you may be suffering from diarrhea and acnebatectomy.

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Do not clean your handbag

Handbags and walts are more in contact with your hands, due to which our bag is full of dangerous bacteria such as notovirus, MRSA and E.coli. While using the bathroom, keep the bags at least on the place of bacteria, like hanging with a hook. Keeping an antibacterial cloth cleaned inside and outside.

Ignoring the cleanliness of TV remote

The remote is kept somewhere in the house, so it contains the possibility of having many bacteria, including E.coli. Before using the remote, it should be cleaned properly.

Use sponge constantly

Use sponges in the cleaning of the house but it can also do the work of spreading bacteria. If you are using the same sponge for months to set up the utensils in the kitchen, then it is your fault. Due to sponge many micro bacteria are born. Due to being always kept in the humid environment, the sponge is believed to be the basis of the reproduction of micro-organisms. To avoid these germs, sponge should be replaced every single month. Before using it, it should be cleaned with hot water.

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Bring shoes home

According to a research, 39.7 percent of the shoes have a cavity known as C.diff, which gives a deadly disease like diarrhea. C.diff can also lead to serious illness if by accident it enters the body.
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