Get rid of the dark circles of eyes

Everyone wants to Get rid of the dark circles of eyes. The dark circles under the eyes are usually lower sleeping, working late on the computer, due to physical weakness, excessive exhaustion or any illness. This eliminates the face. The skin above and below the eyes is delicate and thin compared to other parts of the face. Apart from this, there are no moisturizing glands under the eyes.

The effects of age, stress and negligence on this part of the skin quickly fall. To overcome this problem, we should take care of these things: For the health and beauty of the eyes, we must sleep for at least eight hours, but also keep in mind that we can not exceed the requirement.

Get Rid Of The Dark Circles Of Eyes

 The dark circles under the eyes are usually lower than sleeping, working late on the computer until late

The skin is quite delicate to the eyes. So massage the fingers from the hands with light-handed hands under the eyes. After adding lemon juice in cucumber juice, soaking it in cotton wool and put it under the eyes, dark circles removed. Take raw turmeric in milk and mix a little honey in it and make paste. Before sleeping on the night, put it on the dark circles under the eyes. Wash the face in the morning. This problem will be resolve in a few days.

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Mix one teaspoon rose water, one spoon cucumber juice well. This problem is solved by applying regular cotton under the eyes of cotton wool. Soak an almond in milk throughout the night. Rub the almond in the morning. Let it dry. After that wash well with water.
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