11 year old daughter saw death

On 5th Marriage anniversary on 11th May, a woman murdered her husband with a lover. 11 year old daughter saw death of father closely reason to the death of her husband, the woman told the disease, but after the daughter’s statement, she went behind the prison. Daughter had said, “She woke up to drink water at night, I saw my mother sitting on the chest of Papa. She was pressing her mouth with a pillow. Papa did not wake up in the morning.

11 Year Old Daughter Saw Death

11 year old daughter saw death – Case of Zipari separi Bazar police station area. Shyam Raiqwar, living here, worked at a cable businessman. She slept on the night of May 11, but did not wake up in the morning. The wife describes the cause of death as sickness. When the police interrogated the girl, the matter came to light.
– Daughter said – Mummy, killed her father with Uncle’s help. After this statement, when the police rigged, the wife confessed all the sins.
– The woman said, “It was her affair with Brajesh living near the house. Her husband came to know. There was a quarrel for this issue. So that she was fed up.

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– She conspired with the boyfriend to kill her husband. On Thursday night (May 11th) She mixed poison in the food of Shyam. When his condition worsened, she and Brajesh kept his mouth from pillows until he died.
– “After this they raised a noise that the health of the husband has worsened. With the help of neighbors, she took him to the hospital. The husband had died on the way. Doctors also declared dead. ”

What is the current status of the case

  • Shyam had two children. 13-year-old son-11 year old daughter Payal Grandma Manuku Bai told that “If the Girl do not see, they do not know the incident. The killer went to jail, the son was not in the world. In such a way, she is now raising both the children. Given circumstances, the school has waived children’s fees. For two-times roti, she has opened a small shop outside the house.
    On the other hand, after the husband’s death, the woman’s life could not be fulfilled with the boyfriend. At this time both Jhansi are in jail.
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