Ram Rahim 2 passports

The problems of Ram Rahim, who is serving a 20-year sentence in the Sadhvi Rape case, not reduced. Panchkula police get Ram Rahim 2 passports¬†from the suitcases recover from Gursar Modia of Rajasthan. Haneepreet informed the police about this. Police Commissioner AS Chawla told that the passport authority has been sent to investigate it. At the same time, the team of Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax will be investigated in Sirsa-based Dera Headquarter. Baba’s company’s CEO also arrested …

Ram Rahim 2 Passports

  • Haryana SIT has arrested Ram Rahim’s Chartered Accountant and CEO CP Arora on Tuesday. Arora is accuse of conspiracy and involvement in the Panchkula riots.
    According to the order of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, on Monday, the Income Tax team from Rohtak reached Sirsa in Dera headquarters.
  • Under the leadership of ADI (Assistant Director Investigation), the team first informed TI in the City Police station that teams of ED and Income Tax Department will jointly dispose of the dera.

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Head constable arrested for plotting to detain Ram Rahim
– Ram Rahim convicted on August 25. There were separate meetings for the riots even before the court’s decision. It has reveal that the responsibility of rescuing Gurmeet was on Lalchand, head constable post in the intelligence wing of the Chandigarh Police.
– It was conspire that Ram Rahim would seat in a police vehicle and he would absconding in Chandigarh after coming out of the court in Rohtak. Lalchand arrested by Haryana Police’s SIT on Monday.

Lalchand will be present in the court on Tuesday. The police will take him on remand and inquire about the other accused. Lalchand called in the Crime Branch Police Station for questioning, where he get arrest as soon as he come.
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