American Vice-President Mike Pains said that the Trump Administration will direct NASA to establish a presence on the moon’s moon before sending people to the moon and sending the red planet or astronauts ahead of it. NASA will send humans to the moon again. The Verga reported on Thursday that Pence told the intentions of the administration in the Wall Street Journal op-ed. As well as in a speech in the inaugural meeting of the National Space Council. He gave guidance to the US Space Agenda for the purpose of a new resurgent working group.

NASA will send humans to the moon again

“We will send NASA astronauts again to the moon – not only leaving footprints and flags behind. But also building foundations,” he told reporters at the Steven F.Guadar-Haji Center of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia. For, we have to send Americans to Mars and beyond. ” Pence explained that space is a national priority.

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NASA executive administrator Robert Lightfoot said in a statement after the first meeting of the council, “The Vice President has announced an invocation for the American leadership in the space of renewal – with the recommendation of the President, NASA helps to move forward and lead Used to be.” He said, the Council has acknowledged the strategic importance of CIS-Chandra Space. The area around the Moon will work as a proven field for the mission of Mars and beyond.
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