Kader Khan, Who Make Everyone Silent His Dialogues

Kader Khan, Who Make Everyone Silent His Dialogues is not an admirer of any kind in Bollywood. He was the best scriptwriter from the best actor he was. Kadar Khan, who wrote films like Agneepath, Lavaris, Shakti on power, stopped talking to people from his dialogue. When he looked at the screen, he used to act as much as he used to do pen. But do not say that time does not stop for anyone. Today, Kader Khan feels something like that.

Kader Khan, Who Make Everyone Silent His Dialogues, Himself Speaks Barely

These famous directors, actors and comedians are 79 years old. The body has now reduced the accompanying side. At this age, he is facing many ailments. He is currently in Canada and is doing his treatment. Recently some of his new photos have been revealed which, once again, the discussion of Kader Khan has increased.
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According to the website Spotbay, there was a problem in listening to Kader Khan, but now there is a problem in speaking. Kadar Khan’s eyes fail to recognize old people. They only understand the story of their son and daughter-in-law. Kadar’s heart only looks with his grandchildren, he does not like to meet anyone else.

Last year, Sarfaraz, the son of Kader Khan, had said that Kidar Khan’s knee was cured after surgery, but the coffeescence of the feet was lost. They are afraid to stand on their feet. Once the rumor of the death of Kader Khan was also raised, he was very upset when he heard, that the last film was seen in the brain of the yogurt.
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