100 people became sick in a marriage

Mehndi’s function was being held in P & T colony of Ahmedabad in the last days. The next day was the wedding. But nearly 100 people, including the bride, fell ill and had to face the hospital.100 people became sick in a marriage

The reason for his illness was not the party’s food but the lights used for decoration were. Yes, you are listening right. There were decorations which engaged halogen and helium lights that went terrible allergies because of people.

100 people became sick in a marriage

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Everyone is surprised to hear about this incident. The decorator says that he never saw anything like this in his business of five years. The local police has started investigating the incident. By Friday, around 2:30 pm, Akram Kader Syed and Subiya Munir Khan were part of Mehndi’s program. When Sabia woke up early on Saturday morning, she saw that her eyes are very jealous.

They felt that it was due to exhaustion but later it was found that they were allergic to marriage lights. Along with Sabiya, many other guests also started talking about problems in the eyes. That went to many people started the problem in the night said dwelling Asia in the same locality but all were so busy dancing songs that did not focus on this. When he woke up early in the morning, his eyes were completely red and water flowed from him.

All Were Sick Of Toxic Gases

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In Shah-e-Alam Government Hospital, 90 people treated. 9 others shown in the private hospital. Doctors told that all patients were anti-allergic injections and eye drops. At the same time there is a team of doctors to deal with the problems coming forward.

The doctor who treated the patients said that all patients came to us in very bad condition. All of them were sick of toxic gases. Wedding in lights were harmful gases such as mercury and sodium that people come into contact went to the allergens in the eye.

Perhaps some lights might have broke from which these harmful gases would leak. While the detector Munaf Sheikh found out about this, he immediately took off all the lights. He said that for the first time in five years he has got to see something like this and he will definitely check his scratch.
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