CBI questioned Ram Rahim in Sunaria Jail

The problems of Ram Rahim, who is serving the punishment in the Sadhvi Rape case, are going to increase. The CBI team has reached Rohtak Sunaria jail and has questioned Baba. CBI questioned Ram Rahim in Sunaria Jail. About 3 hours this question went on and Ram Rahim sweated perspiration during this time.

CBI questioned Ram Rahim in Sunaria Jail

According to jail sources, although Ram Rahim could not answer any question, but this meeting of the CBI team spoiled his condition. It is being told that the CBI team reached the Rohtak jail secretly and inquired about Baba Ramdev and journalist Chatrapati Murder case and nephews being made nephews.

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Explain that charges of making impotent followers on the deccanherms are already on and the case is being investigated by the CBI. Ram Rahim questioned under this investigation and the team can again question Ram Rahim. He appeals against sentence to high court

Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim filed a petition in the High Court against the 20-year sentence in the Sadhvi Rape case. Which accepted and the notice given to the CBI has given. Ram Rahim has filed a petition demanding the cancellation of the sentence.

Derekumi’s appeal was clear from the registry and on this Monday, a High Court bench hear the case. During the hearing, there was also a demand for interim relief from the lawyer of the Dera Chief to stop the fine on the amount of the penalty. The court rejected this demand. And asked to deposit the penalty of Rs 30 lakh for the fine and compensation to the CBI court.

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Ram-Rahim has filed an appeal in the High Court through Senior Advocate SK Garg Narwana and said that in this case, the CBI court has sentenced him to the conviction without proper evidence and witnesses, which is wrong according to the legal process
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