People Came on the streets demand metro boycott
Delhi Metro has again increased its fares from Tuesday. This is the second time in the past 5 months that Metro has increased its passenger fares. People Came on the streets demand metro boycott. Now the minimum fare is 10, while the maximum fare is 60 rupees instead of 50 rupees. The anger of angry people all over this has started appearing on the streets.

People Came On The Streets Demand Metro Boycott

On Tuesday, some people outside the Lakshmi Nagar metro station were seen protesting against this rent increase with a pan-poster in their hands. These people requested the people to boycott the visit of the metro. Likewise, on the other metro stations in Delhi, some associations in this way saw posters in their hands demanding boycotts against the increase in the fares of the metro. However, some people have seen their hike in fares and turned towards buses. People told, the rent has been rising wildly.

In protest against the increase in metro fare, some metro stations were protested with banner-posters on behalf of Delhi Metro Communications Association in the morning. Some people looked at distributing pamphlets, in which the talk of boycott of the metro in protest of passenger fare was written. In the meantime, on October 10, the protest against boycott of the metro was made against the people to increase passenger fare.

At the same time, some people standing post at the gate of the Metro by posters in their hands. And were giving information about the increase in the fares of the Metro. These people were saying to the passengers that the metro has increased wildly. The Delhi government wants to reduce the rent, but the Metro administration is not joining. In such a way, the government should boycott the metro for a few days to avoid the burden on the government and its pockets.

Double rent

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Actually, the Metro doubled the rent in the last five months. Now for a distance of 2 km people will have to pay 10 rupees. 20 rupees for a distance of 2 to 5 kilometers, 30 rupees for 5 to 12 kms, 40 Rs. 12 to 21 kms, 50 rupees for 21 to 32 kms and maximum Rs. 60 for 31 kms. Rent will be. This fare has doubled compared to March.

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