woman gave birth to a baby in Ola Cab

A pregnant woman gave birth to a baby in Ola Cab on October 2. While the child delivered the child to the back seat of the cab, the cab driver kept driving with caution.

A pregnant woman gave birth to baby on October 2 while traveling to Ola Cab. While the delivery of the baby in the back seat of the cab, the driver of Yashwant Gallande, the driver of the cab, kept driving with caution. Not only this, the driver also conveyed the woman to the Kamala Nehru Hospital, Mangalwar Peth, Pune.

Woman Gave Birth To A Baby In Ola Cab

woman gave birth to a baby in Ola Cab

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According to the news, seeing her worsening condition, her husband had called Ola Cab. When the driver was aware of the situation of the woman, he used to drive the car for safe delivery of the child in such a way that the woman could not get any shock . The driver told The Hindu, “After reaching Timber Market, I heard the cry of the child. It was a good luck that on that day there was a national holiday due to Gandhi Jayanti. Due to the holiday, I did not have to face the terrible traffic of Pune on that day.

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The ladies of the house have expressed gratitude towards the driver. The driver and the newborn child leave the hospital leave the house. Not only this, the cab company Ola has also given free rides gifts to women and children for the next five years. That is, mother and child can travel freely from Ola Cab without any money for the next five years. Ola has made a coupon in the name of the child, which must be used while riding a CAB.
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