The social networking site Facebook was founded in February 2004. Even after 13 years, its popularity has not reduced. Although it is facing the challenge of many sites. Facebook identifies as a user friendly and keeping this in mind, Facebook Will Unlock By Looking Face. It is now working on facial recognition features to make accounts more secure.

Facebook Will Unlock By Looking Face

With this coming the data of the Facebook account will be much safer. It is worth mentioning that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has already launched a feature to protect Facebook profile photo (DP). According to the information, users can easily verify the new feature from the new feature. Facebook account will be unlocked on display of face.

Apart from this, account recovery processes will also be easy. This will be an option feature and will work in the device in which the user is already logged in. This feature will be effective even if you forget the password. Facebook is also working on a video chat device that will recognize the face of the user.

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Apple has given a facial recognition feature in the newly launched iPhone X. We also say it the Face Eye feature. It records 50 facial muscles in real time. The phone unlocks by reading at least 25 muscles. 15 thousand engineers take six years to prepare this feature. Samsung has also used this feature in the smartphone.
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