Professional Photographers Without Hands And Feet

When he was born he had no hands or feet. In life, people lose their body parts in the tragedy, but the uppermost person has made such a thing. But the absence of hands and feet did not prevent him from moving towards his destination. He is today the King of his Manifest Lifestyle. 24-year-old Achmad Zulkarnain of Indonesian is Professional Photographers Without Hands And Feet.

Professional Photographers Without Hands And Feet

But Zulkarnain is a successful professional photographer today. Zulkarnain draws so amazing that they speak up They usually take pictures of female models in a traditional dress.

Without A Hand, The Laptop Also Runs

But a person whose hands are not, how he works, this thing raises great curiosity. Zulkarnain told Aljijira channel that he runs his own company. Whose name is DZOEL. The strange thing is that, after taking pictures from the camera, Zulkarnain puts them in his laptop and gives the final touch. Zulkarnain uses his face and non-handed arms with great power while photographing. Even when running the computer, they do the same thing.

‘People Do Not See Me, See My Creativity’

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Zulkarnain has made a custom design motor vehicle for himself to come anywhere, which runs from diesel. It can be called Jugaad in simple language.Zulkarnain says a very emotional thing about himself – I do not want people to see my picture and think about me who I am. I just want them to see my creativity.

Their talk goes into people’s hearts. Zulkarnain is an inspiration for all those handicap¬†people around the world, who get life through depression. Zuckerainan’s own hobbies and passion of hands and feet are living today and are also successful.
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