Dan Belzerian Insta King Ran

Firing has done at the hotels and resorts of Las Vegas, USA, in which many people have died. Many have been injured. Dan Belzerian Insta King Ran By watching the shot in the head. The firing incident occurred during a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. During this time the poker player Dan Belzerian is also present A video has surfaced in which they are running away. Let’s know who is Dan Belzerian …

Dan Belzerian Insta King Ran

In the video, Dan can hear saying that he saw a bullet in the head of a girl. Dan Bilgerian is a popular man and he has 22 million followers on Instagram. They see glamorous life in the photos of the Dan Belzerian Instagram.

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In photos,we see many women often around Dan Belzerian. Dan wrote that his life is influence by play founder Hugh Hefner.

According to the report, Dan Bilzerian, who lives with Rich Lifestyle, is also home in Las Vegas, which is worth about Rs 32 crores. Dan earns crores by playing poker. He keeps expensive pistols in his bedroom from shotgun.
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