Indo-China Border

China has once again increased security on the Indian border. This time, however, the reason for this stance of China is not a border dispute, but China is taking action before the Congress of the Communist Party that is due next month. China has increased its number of security forces not only on the Bheka border but also on North Korea and Myanmar borders.Situation on Indo-China Border.

Soldier Re-Mounted On Indo-China Border

In fact, the Congress of the Communist Party in China, is a big political event once in five years. In such a situation, the Chinese government does not want any such activity on their border, there is any kind of obstruction in this meeting. There are reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to meet his second term in this meeting.

Indo-China Border

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According to a report published in Chinese newspapers, this meeting will take place every five years in China, which is an important hindrance for the political developments of the country. For this, a lot of preparations made. Under which China’s border police has deployed to maintain supreme security on North Korea, India and Myanmar border.

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Let us know that India has faced a stalemate in China over the Dokalam controversy over the past few months. For more than two months, China and India have ended the deadlock in Dokalam recent days. While on the one hand, India’s relations are sourcing recently. While the North-East border of China’s nuclear crisis remains a headache for the world. Although this topic for its neighbors and allies China is a matter of concern. Not only that, China is in fear that if there is a war between North Korea and the United States. Refugees can enter their country in such a situation.
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