BHU Proctor Said-Girl Can Drink Alcohol

Among the action taken against the girl child molestation case and subsequent administrative actions in the BHU, University’s new Chief Proctor Royna Singh has issued several new orders regarding girls. These orders are not connected to any kind of restriction on them, and they give message of no restriction on the freedom of wearing clothes and drinking alcohol by the University administration. BHU Proctor Said-Girl Can Drink Alcohol. Not only that, there will be no ban on eating non-vegetarians in the mess for those who live in the hostel.

BHU Proctor Said-Girl Can Drink Alcohol Or Wear Any Clothes

This was the first time in the history of BHU that a woman was seduced into the position of Chief Proctor. Recently, taking the moral responsibility of BHU violence, former Chief Proctor ON Singh resigned from his post, after which Professor Royna Singh of the Institute of Medical Sciences has been made the new Chief Proctor. Those who have made some different decisions in the BHU’s 101-year history. Giving exemption to girls According to Royna Singh, all girls coming to BHU are above 18 years of age. So why do not we stop drinking them?

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Royna says that we do our day from the very beginning of the morning. And stay attached to our work and daily routine till night. If you are not wearing clothes according to your choice and convenience then it is shameful. In such a situation, banning the clothes of women and not banning them is like banning yourself. If a girl wear a dress according to her convenience, then why should anyone have objection? However, on the issue of security of girls. She said that security and discipline in the campus will be in their priorities. CCTV cameras will install soon at the campus. With this, every appropriate demand of the students will fulfill.

Not only that, he said that I came to know that only vegetarian food was available at my medical hostel. When more girls were asking for it. Whereas other girls used to eat non-veg in special days.
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