Cassini buried in space

After living in space for 20 years, NASA’s famous Cassini spacecraft fell asleep on the death of Saturn planet on Friday.¬†Cassini Buried In Space After A Service Of 20 Years. Today, whatever information exists about Saturn, it has reached us due to this vehicle. Cassini also gave a new dimension to the concept of life outside the Earth in the solar system.

After 20 Years, Cassini Buried In Space

With about $ 3.9 billion worth of this project, scientists from 27 countries were involved. On Friday, when it grew at a speed of 1,20,700 kilometers per hour to merge into Saturn’s atmosphere, Cassini’s program manager Earl Midge told his colleagues in NASA’s Lab, “The signals of the space shuttle have stopped. . I hope you all will be proud of this great success. It was an incomparable mission, incomparable spacecraft, and all of you are an incomparable team.

Cassini buried in space

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Cassini’s last contact with Earth was at 11:55 p.m. according to GMT. It is estimated that around one and a half hours before that, Cassini would have walked on his last journey towards Saturn. Signal had to reach a long distance to reach the Earth, so it was late.
Cassini was lost in the gaseous gases of Saturn. This is the longest planet ever seen from the naked eye. After traveling about 7.9 billion kilometers, the yacht’s rocket fuel was over. It was thoughtful death of the vehicle, which was thought to protect the moon from the Saturn’s moon Titan and Enceladus from danger.

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Besides Cassini, three more spacecraft were sent to Saturn. Among them Pioneer 11 went to 1979 while Voyager 1 and 2 went to the 1980s. Although none of these three could raise the same information about Saturn as much as Cassini raised. The name of this spacecraft was named after the Italian Italian astronaut Jovani Domenico Cassini. In the 17th century, Cassini had ascertained that there are many moons around Saturn. Also, there is an empty space between Saturn and its ring.
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