Tune’s Queen Lata Mangeshkar is celebrating her 88th birthday today. You have heard so much about the music related to them.Today we are going to talk about Lata Mungeshker Love Life Today we are going to tell you some very interesting tales about Lata ji’s personal life. The question of Lata ji’s fancy is that why she has not married till.

Lata Mungeshker Love Life

Lata Mungeshker Love Life
The secret of this matter is very deep. Straight-hearted and naive Lata was also loved by someone. But Lata’s love story was never fulfilled. Perhaps this is why Lata has not married till date You will definitely want to know that after all who was the voice of the hearts, which was lata mangeshkar heart day sitting.

Lata Mungeshker Love Life

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If the news published in the TOI is believed, then Lata Mangeshkar, the queen of Tune, was in love with a Maharaja. This Maharaja was also a friend of Lata’s brother, Haridanath Mangeshkar. If Lata’s love was lost, she would become the queen of a kingdom. But luck was something else approved.
Ever learning school, Lata has learned many lessons from her life. Never let my brothers and sisters ever feel the father’s lack Lata had said that she had the responsibility of the entire house because she never married. Even if Lata ji does not say anything to her Jubo, the truth behind this rule is something else. That is their love affair.

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Seeing Kundalal Sehgal’s film Chandidas in childhood, Lata ji used to say that she will marry and marry Sehgal. But when he grew up, his heart came to this king. Let’s know why Lata ji had fallen in love with the Maharaja and why she could not get married. Although Lata did not say herself, but many experts opened her tongue in this regard.
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