There are many countries in the world where the rules and laws of us are surprised. In some countries, it is illegal for women to get married before marriage, so women are not allowed to drive.10 Weird Laws About Australia. One such country is Australia. There is also some intriguing law, which will shock you by reading.

10 Weird Laws About Australia

In Australia, children can not only buy alcohol, but also cigarettes and contraceptives. If they do so they can be punished. However, there is no law to prohibit children from drinking alcoholic beverages.

  • They do not have the right to disassemble the size of women’s clothing. Women in Australia’s Gold Coast do not wear bikinis larger than 6 square inches. If a woman is worn, she is considered to be a violation of the law.


  • The age of making a physical relationship in this country also decides the law. Under the law of Australia, children up to the age of 16 can make a physical connection. It is legally considered correct, but children who live in someone’s custody or care can not do anything before the age of 18.

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  • You can not change your home bulb yourself in the Victoria city of Australia. For this you have to call a licensed electronics only.

  • Walking on the right side of the road in Australia is considered illegal. You can not even go to the right on the sidewalk.

  • Here at Brighton Beach, women can neither wear small bikini nor take a swim. Here, they have to wear a long swimsuit from the neck to the knee to sleep and swim.

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  • Victoria’s Victoria is banned from wearing pink-colored pants in the Sunday.

  • If you are eating an animal in Australia, then taking its name is illegal.

  • Drinking in the pub is also illegal.
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