Ten years ago, the uppermost person tortured him that half of the body was useless. Spinal infections paralyzed the lower body of the body. But in whatever part of the body there is courage, it is saved. Who knew that the accident would increase the courage of this girl hundredfold. She Will Represent Miss Wheelchair World 2017 contestant from India. Rajlakshmi SJ From Bengaluru and from India, Miss Wheelchair is going to participate in World 2017. The competition will be held in Poland on October 7.

Represent Miss Wheelchair World 2017 contestant from India


Seeing Rajlakshmi, people of a moment do not believe that they can not walk on their feet. The reason is their fitness and beauty. In the proportion of these, they are filled with courage, courage and enthusiasm.

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Today’s generation can take inspiration from these. Girls can make them their own role models. In this amazing hussnapuri, the uppermost person is full of robbery. As well as being a doctor of Dante, there is also the chairperson of a charitable trust for an assistant professor, researcher and divinity. What is the foot paralyzes, these are champions in wheelchair dance and wheelchair basketball.

His list of talent is not over yet

Represent Miss Wheelchair World 2017

Just wait and finish their list of skills. Rajlakshmi is also a painter, singer and swimmer. Rajlakshmi is a stranger along with everyone and has traveled 11 countries so far.

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One of Rajlakshmi’s many passion is also modeling, so right on the wheel chair, they are fulfilling their hobby of modeling. Miss Wheelchair India was selected in Rajlakshmi 2014. Now, once Upamara is merciful, they will be Miss Wheelchair World 2017.

Rajlakshmi is a living example of courage and enthusiasm for the world’s Divine. Life may have given them the biggest pain, but these are the ones who put a positive eye on it – they are living two lives in one life. First, when his feet were safe, and now on the wheelchair.
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