Destroy Pakistan Nuclear Destruction

Former US Senator Larry Presler on Monday suggested that both India and the United Destroy Pakistan Nuclear Destruction. Simultaneously, Senator named Donald Trump as a better American president because in recent times Trump had condemned Pakistan on terrorism.

Former US Senators Destroy Pakistan Nuclear Destruction

Former US Senators Destroy Pakistan Nuclear Destruction

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The Presser said that Trump has to act on the Pentagon, which always encourages Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan condemned India in the United Nations and was the mother of terrorism. Recently, Trump also targeted the Pentagon, saying that it is ‘swamp’. All these things point to this that Trump will soon shake up the sympathizers of Pakistan present in the Defense Headquarters.

Former US Senators Destroy Pakistan Nuclear Destruction

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Significantly, three-time MP Larry Pressler came to the headlines in 1990 when the American parliament approved its amendment proposal and the American aid to Pakistan was stopped. Larry Presler has always been anti-American aid to Pakistan. On this issue, he has written a book, Neighbors in Arms, in which he has explained in detail how Pakistan used American aid to develop nuclear weapons.

Presler has kept himself far from the Republican party. He stood in the Senate election independently in 2014 and in 2016 supported President Hillary Clinton. Despite this, Pressler believes that the way the US media has been accused of trump. They are far better than that.
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